relationship to keystone Indicators

The following keystone indicators are representative of primary measures to support the Majestic Landscapes vision. Although there is a strong high-level correlation between our plan for physical development and these indicators, we recognize that they will often not be directly applicable to individual development plans or to city initiatives. Although it is recognized that additional factors need to be evaluated as part of a more complete measurement of the progress made toward the city’s Majestic Landscapes goals, together, these two measures provide a good sense for the level of access residents and visitors have, along with how well we are taking care of our investment in green infrastructure. A full list and description of all indicators is in Chapter 8: Adaptable Implementation.

  1. Percent of City Population, Area, and Employment Within 1/2 Mile of a Park or Trail: Use of parks and open space often depends on the accessibility and visibility of these community assets. Not surprisingly, with the high rate of park use in Colorado Springs, a majority of residents have an easy 10-minute walk to open space, a park, greenway, trail, or other kind of parkland. This indicator will help measure the correlation of parks and trails to new developments as the city grows to ensure that most residents have easy access.
  2. Per Capita Total Funding for Parks Operations and Maintenance