Essential Questions for City Initiatives

These essential questions should be considered as a tool to focus on and promote implementation of our Vibrant Neighborhoods vision for applicable City initiatives (refer to Chapter 1):

  1. Support the overall focus of our Vibrant Neighborhoods theme?
  2. Add value and improve the keystone indicators for Vibrant Neighborhoods?
  3. Encourage additional investment or reinvestment in neighborhoods?
  4. Positively contribute to a diversity of attainable housing choices throughout the city or a particular neighborhood?
  5. Contribute to the connectivity within and between neighborhoods and to other areas of the city?
  6. Pre-position the neighborhood for new transportation options?
  7. Create options for new gathering areas or centers?
  8. Support the redevelopment of blighted and/or underperforming properties?
  9. Enhance the connection of neighborhoods to trails, parks, open space, and green infrastructure networks?
  10. Enhance cultural, historical, educational, and/or human service opportunities to support neighborhoods?
  11. Support and be consistent with adopted and relevant small area or neighborhood plans?
  12. Plan to be a fiscally responsible, long-term choice for the city and the neighborhood?