Everyone in a Neighborhood

Goal VN-1: Increase neighborhood identity, inclusion, and participation throughout the city for residents, employees, and visitors.


Application: Neighborhood Template: Resources for new and updated neighborhood plans will always be limited. PlanCOS recommends the creation and use of a standardized process and format template for each unique neighborhood plan. The process template would provide certainty and speed up the planning process. The replicable format would make the resulting documents easier to use and navigate. 

Housing for All

Goal VN-2: Strive for a diversity of housing types, styles, and price points distributed throughout our city through a combination of supportive development standards, community partnerships, and appropriate zoning and density that is adaptable to market demands and housing needs.

Reclaim Neighborhood Space 

Goal VN-3: Through neighborhood plans, associations, and partnerships, empower neighborhoods to reinvest in order to create community, vibrancy, and to address their specific vision and needs.