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PlanCOS Vision

Fosters an environment of inclusivity and economic diversity by attracting an innovative and adaptive workforce, advancing existing and targeted industry clusters, investing in quality of life, supporting our military, and expanding our sports ecosystem as Olympic City USA.

Key Strategies

  • Nurture cornerstone institutions, target industries, spinoffs, startups, and entrepreneurship
  • Expand high-quality infrastructure and technology
  • Create amenities to attract new business and residents

Importance of the Economy

Our vision for physical development will not be fully realized unless we have a strong local economy. A thriving economy is needed in order to accomplish our ambitious goals, and to maintain our competitive edge. Strategic attention to our physical development is essential to attracting and maintaining the employees, jobs, and investment we need for a healthy economy. In turn, continued land use investment provides the public revenues needed to support the facilities and services necessary to create and maintain our great places. Great places attract a high-quality work force and investment in the community.

Although the attraction and retention of well-paying and sustainable jobs is the essential and foundational lynchpin for a thriving economy, this Plan also recognizes that relatively lower-paying jobs will be associated with and support this base. Therefore, a city and economy that thrives overall, needs to have places, housing, transportation, and services that meet the needs of citizens across our economic spectrum. PlanCOS recognizes the importance of taking care of, growing, and adapting our traditional and anchoring economic bases starting with our military, and all of its related sectors, including technology and cybersecurity. At the same time, our Plan reflects the importance of never being complacent, especially when it comes to our part in creating a business climate that supports economic diversification, innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic inclusion. A thriving economy is one that offers diverse and well-paying jobs, along with a strong educational and workforce training system that effectively prepares our residents for these opportunities. As a city, we recognize our important role in assuring that basic infrastructure and services are provided to support a healthy economy. For people of all ages, high quality, adaptive, and accessible education will also be essential for developing and maintaining our adaptive and competitive workforce. Therefore, we need to partner with and support our educational providers.