Police communications center makes history

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It’s one of the most important jobs when it comes to people who need help. The ones who do it are the unsung heroes of public safety. What dispatchers and call takers do on a daily basis isn’t easy, but their hard work, compassion, and dedication helps keep our community safe.

In 1998, the Colorado Springs Police Department's Communications Center first earned the title of an “Accredited Center of Excellence” (ACE) through the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED). It was an incredible honor, and still is today. This year, the CSPD Communications Center was accredited for the eighth time, making it the first agency in the world to earn accreditation that many times.

We are honored to serve this community with an accredited center that provides unparalleled service to our citizens. Last year, the CSPD Communications Center helped hundreds of thousands of people — taking in a total of 647,041 calls for service.

“The role of the telecommunicator has evolved tremendously over the last 20 years and for our center to maintain its accredited status since 1998 speaks to the level of dedication from our employees. It’s a difficult job to do day after day and they take pride in the quality of service being provided to the community.” says CSPD Communications Manager Renee Henshaw.

Want to know what it’s like in the Communications Center? CSPD 9–1–1 Training Coordinator Dana Heckman gives you an inside look:

Mic'd Up | Dana Heckman

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