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Public Works
Department: Public Works

Scott Barnhart, Consultant Project Manager, Matrix Design Group

Lisa Bachman, Public Engagement, Bachman PR

Important Dates

August 2022 - Design Process Starts
Summer 2023 - 30% design completion
Final Design - TBD
Construction Start - TBD
Estimated Completion - TBD
Planning Phase

Project Overview

The Bijou Street Bridge over Shooks Run (between Corona and El Paso Streets) needs reconstruction. As recommended in the Envision Shooks Run Facilities Master Plan (FMP), the existing roadway bridge will be replaced with a pedestrian/bike bridge. The FMP identifies the removal of the Bijou Street Bridge to allow Shooks Run to flow in an open channel between Frank Waters Park and John “Prairie Dog” O’Byrne Park. The bridge removal will allow the channel to be realigned for better maintenance, community access, and stability.

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Opening the channel will create an opportunity to relocate the Legacy Loop/Shooks Run Trail adjacent to the channel and will encourage economic vitality along the Shooks Run Corridor. 

Facilities Master Plan – Outlines the vision of the entire four-mile Shooks Run corridor to facilitate redevelopment and renew existing infrastructure. The document includes the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan which details 34 projects along the Shooks Run corridor with cost estimates and funding partners.


Developed as part of the Envision Shooks Run Facilities Master Plan and the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan, the Bijou Street Bridge over Shooks Run Reconstruction project is located downtown, approximately 600’ east of Wahsatch Avenue.

The existing structure is a 423-foot concrete arch culvert. The culvert contains severe crack in the crown of the arch on the outfall end, and the inlet experiences soil erosion surrounding a bridge foundation (piers and abutments). The structure also features bridge scour, which occurs when fast-moving water around a bridge removes sediment from around the bridge foundation, leaving behind scour holes. Records indicate the structure was built circa 1938.

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The bridge is in poor condition and has weight restrictions. Recent inspections reported a designation of ‘structurally deficient’ and scour critical. This designation generally qualifies the bridge for replacement. The public process for the Facilities Master Plan and the low traffic volumes determined removal of the bridge and replacement with a pedestrian/bike structure over Shooks Run, and adding vehicle cul-de-sacs for the road on each side, as the preferred alternative. Improvements to John “Prairie Dog” O’Byrne Park may include grading, restoration/landscaping, and channel improvements.

Several utilities are visible within the project area, including communication pedestals, water, sanitary sewer, gas, and overhead electric lines. Consideration will be given to accommodate existing and future utilities within the project.

Matrix Design Group has been contracted by the City for data collection and research to determine the opportunities and constraints in the project area. Matrix will develop design concepts for presentation to impacted property owners and agencies until a preferred alternative is defined and selected to move forward into preliminary design.

Project Benefits

  • Improve and open the channel along the Shooks Run corridor
  • Increase connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Enhance channel aesthetics
  • Increase maintenance access to serve the long-term needs of the channel
  • Allow for ultimate realignment of Shooks Run Trail to the Shooks Run Channel
  • Remove adjacent properties from the floodplain


The design phase budget of $450,000 is funded through the City of Colorado Springs General Fund.

There is currently no budget identified for construction.