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Bike Master Plan Open House

Calendar Event Date: 
Wed. May 03rd, 2017 -
05:00pm to 07:00pm
Carnegie Reading Room, Downtown Penrose Library, 20 North Cascade Ave.

Residents are invited to attend an Open House to learn about the Colorado Springs Bicycle Master Plan and to provide critical input.

The purpose of the Plan is to establish a vision and roadmap for how Colorado Springs can provide a level of bike infrastructure across the entire city that accommodates the range of users who want/need to bicycle. It is also to inform and educate the general public, government staff, and elected officials of the current conditions of bicycle infrastructure and the potential of bicycling in Colorado Springs to build support for the implementation of this plan. The Plan also guides and provides strategies for the implementation of bicycle infrastructure, policies and programs for all City departments, partner public agencies and the private development community. The ultimate goal of the plan is to enhance safety, viability, integration and accessibility/inclusivity for people on bikes. For more information, visit

The City and consultant team have been working over the past several months on the plan. Based on research, interviews and public input, there is a clear understanding of where we are today (the current conditions) and where the community wants to be in the future (the vision and goals). The heart of the plan, which we’re working on now, includes a recommended bike network covering the entire city and recommendations on the policies and programs that will get us from where we are today to where the community wants to be. The best, most-likely-to-succeed recommendations result from the consultants filtering their international experience through the local expertise that only citizens of Colorado Springs possess. This session is the best opportunity for that dialog to occur.

Please attend this session and help the team create a Bike Master Plan that best meets community needs and desires, and will serve us well into the future.

Vehicle Parking: Available in the lot on the south side of the library (entrance off N. Cascade Avenue) and in the lot on the west side of the library (entrance off W. Pikes Peak Avenue)

Bicycle Parking: Ample bicycle parking is available at the Cascade Avenue entrance to the library. A scalable, printable map of the city’s bicycle infrastructure system can be found here

Transit Access: Please see Mountain Metro Transit’s Route Planner for specific directions from your location

ADA Requests: Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting by calling 719/488-5908