City Budget

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Proposed 2020 Budget 

Download the Complete Proposed 2020 Budget

Upcoming Important Budget Dates:

  • Oct. 18 City Council Budget Work Session
  • Oct. 21 Budget Public Hearing and Town Hall
  • Oct. 29 Budget Markup Session with City Council
  • Nov 12 First reading of 2020 Budget Ordinance at City Council
  • Nov 26 Second reading of 2020 Budget Ordinance at City Council


Strategic Plans


Resources and expenditures of all Funds within the City's Budget.

  • General Fund Financial Forecast
  • Overviews (Includes: Expenditure Overview, Revenue Overview, Level of Effort Overview, Economic Overview, All Funds Overview, Debt Overview, Grants Overview, Personnel Overview)

Budget Detail by Appropriating Department

Goals and budgets by appropriating departments


Capital Improvements Program


2019 Budget

View the 2019 Budget