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Code Enforcement Complaint Form


For the City of Colorado Springs ONLY, please complete the information below.  Your complaint will be sent via email to the CSPD Code Enforcement Section.  Or, you can call 719-444-7891 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).

For El Paso County, contact the El Paso County Code Enforcement at 719-520-6300 for complaints outside city limits.

For zoning issues concerning setbacks for structures, tall fences, businesses operated within a residential zone, or general development and zoning concerns, please follow this link to the City Land Use Department.
Report possible zoning or land use complaint

Please select from the following list, any items that you believe requires investigation by Code Enforcement. Then complete the additional information below.


  • Noise concerns for loud music, vehicles, or parties must be reported to the Police Department, non-emergency dispatch at 719-444-7000
  • Recreational vehicles located on public streets may be reported via the CSPD non-emergency dispatch at 444-7000
  • Abandoned vehicles located on public streets may be reported via the CSPD non-emergency dispatch at 444-7000
  • If your concern is not listed above, please see the additional information near the bottom of the page.
Address for the Complaint/Problem
Your Address

You must provide your name, address, and current telephone number so the Code Enforcement Unit can contact you to verify specific complaint information and/or obtain further information if needed.

Abandoned vehicle complaints should be reported to Police at 444-7000

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about the violation(s).  Abatement time varies depending upon the cooperation of the violator and necessary enforcement measures.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid accidentally cancelling your submission, only click the "Submit" button once and then wait for the confirmation message to appear.

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