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City Cemeteries to Clean Up March 1 – 15


COLORODO SPRINGS, Colo – The two City-operated cemeteries, Evergreen and Fairview will be cleaning up the cemetery grounds from March 1 - 15. Prohibited items and unsightly décor will be removed from gravesites in compliance with published cemetery regulations to preserve the beauty of the grounds. During the clean-up, Christmas wreaths and other holiday items will be removed from the cemetery, along with tarnished, unsightly, sun-bleached or damaged containers or flowers.

“It is the management’s responsibility to keep the grounds free of clutter and prohibited items. Families and friends are advised to remove any items of value prior to the clean-up. Typically, the cemeteries allow artificial flowers in vases or attached to stones to remain, as long as their placement does not hinder mowing or other cemetery maintenance,” says Jody Sanchez-Skamarak, Cemetery Supervisor.

For more information, please visit or call Evergreen Cemetery, 1005 Hancock Expressway, at (719) 385-6251 or Fairview Cemetery, 1000 26th St., at (719) 385-6251.