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2011 Audit Reports

Number   Issued Entity Report - Click on Title to access Report
11-26 Dec-11 Various Entities Annual Follow-Up Audit Report
11-25 Dec-11 City of Colorado Springs  Humane Society Audit Report
11-24 Dec-11 Colorado Springs Utilities  CSU P-Card Audit Report
11-23 Dec-11  Colorado Springs Utilities  CSU Rate Case Review
11-22 Nov-11 Colorado Springs Utilities  SDS Project Monitoring Report
11-21 Nov-11 Memorial Health System Purchasing Audit
11-20 Nov-11 Memorial Health System Cash Disbursements Audi t
11-19 Nov-11 City of Colorado Springs 
Fire Department Consulting Letter
11-18 Sep-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Review of Community Solar Garden Pilot Bill Credit Tariff
11-17 Sep-11 City of Colorado Springs Lamar Corporation Contract Compliance Audit
11-16 Sep-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment Review
11-15 Aug-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Executive Limitation 11
11-14 Aug-11 City of Colorado Springs Procurement Card Audit
11-13 Jun-11 City of Colorado Springs Economic Development 
11-12 May-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment
11-11 May-11  Memorial Health System HIS Application IT Review 
11-10 May-11 Memorial Health System Patient Access Audit
11-09 Apr-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Annual External Report on Executive Limitation (EL) 4 and 7—Asset Protection and Financial Conditions and Activities
11-08 Mar-11 Colorado Springs Airport Fixed Based Operators Contract Compliance
11-07 Mar-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Chief Executive Officer Performance
11-06 Mar-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment, Gas Cost Adjustment and Capacity Charge Adjustment Review
11-05 Mar-11 Memorial Health System City Service Agreement w Medical Network
11-04 Mar-11 Memorial Health System Property Disposal Audit
11-03 Feb-11 Colorado Springs Utilities Executive Limitation 11
11-02 01/19/11 Memorial Health System Accounts Receivable Management
11-01 01/12/11 Colorado Springs Airport Rental Car Contract Compliance