Candidates and Issues

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This is a special municipal election for City Council referred questions only. The next regular City election will be held on April 6, 2021 for electing representatives for the six City Council Districts.  

City Council Candidates

Elected positions involved in the April 6, 2021 General Municipal Election are the six City Council District seats .Each active registered voter will receive a ballot with the City Council District seat in which their residential address is located. 

On January 29, City Clerk Sarah Johnson drew candidate names for ballot positions in the 2021 City Council Election. The event was streamed live on Facebook. Candidates are listed below in ballot order.

District 1

Jim Mason

Michael Seeger

Glenn Carlson 

Dave Donelson

District 2

Jay Inman

David Noblitt

Dave Geislinger

Randy Helms

District 3

Henry McCall

Richard Skorman

Arthur Glynn

Olivia Lupia

District 4

Regina English

Yolanda L. Avila

District 5

Nancy Henjum

Matt Zelenok

Karlie Van Arnam

Justin James-Fletcher Hermes

Mary Elizabeth Fabian

District 6

Garfield Johnson

Mike O’Malley


Ballot Issues

There is one issue on the April 2021 municipal election ballot.

Issue 1

Shall Section 7-90 (c) of the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs be amended to allow ballot titles for tax or bonded debt increases to exceed thirty (30) words?

  • Yes
  • No