City Council unanimously approves 2020 budget

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Colorado Springs City Council voted unanimously Tuesday (November 12) to pass the City’s 2020 budget. A second vote in two weeks will make it official. The budget is expected to pass that second vote (which is required by the City’s charter) with no issues. 

Each year in October the Mayor’s Office presents its proposed budget for the following year to City Council. It’s City Council’s responsibility to review and approve the budget. They can make changes if they deem them necessary. Thanks to the close, collaborative work of the Mayor’s Office and City Council during the entire budget process, the City’s budget approval went smoothly and was approved with minimal changes from City Council. 

Budget Highlights

  • $4.4 million of increased funding for 20 new sworn Police positions and 8 new sworn Fire positions and equipment
  • $400,000 of increased funding for park maintenance, recreational and cultural service needs
  • $1.45 million of increased funding for park watering
  • $1.4 million continued funding for the City’s Americans with Disabilities Act operating and capital programs
  • $550,000 of increased funding for city fleet replacement
  • $500,000 of funding to support shelter bed operations for the homeless population
  • $300,000 increased funding to Mountain Metro Transit
  • $1.3 million continuing support to address Information Technology core infrastructure, applications, and cybersecurity improvements and sustainment
  • $9.65 million to keep police and fire sworn compensation at the market average, increases for civilian compensation, and full-year funding for the portion of compensation that was phased in during 2019
  • $1.0 million one-time increased funding for an aerial ladder truck for the Fire Department

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