Law Enforcement Transparency and Accountability Commission (LETAC) makes first recommendation

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Law Enforcement Transparency and Accountability Commission (LETAC) voted unanimously at a regular meeting on Tuesday, July 6, to put forth a formal recommendation that the City of Colorado Springs expand the use of Crisis Response Teams.

The recommendation to City Council includes goals, justification, and background information.

LETAC expects to continue conversations with CRT partners to create an actionable plan based on this recommendation at its next regular meeting on Monday, July 19, at 6:00 PM. Community members may attend in person or remotely, and can also email ( LETAC with questions.

LETAC encourages community members to sign up for updates and information using the QR codes and text numbers in the flyer attached separately. All LETAC meeting minutes, agendas, and recommendations can be accessed at

Official Statement from Chair Janice “JJ” Frazier regarding the LETAC CRT Recommendation:

“I am pleased at the progress our Commission is making to create conversation and action with numerous stakeholders for an even better Colorado Springs Police Department and a safer, more equitable community. This first recommendation is the result of months of listening and learning, and is a first step toward achieving LETAC’s long-term goal to promote improved understanding and relationships between the police department and the public. We believe that expanding the CRT program can and will build the foundation for a healthier community in the years to come. We’re grateful to the City Council for their consideration of our recommendation.”

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