City Council Members

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City Council consists of nine members: one member from each of the six council districts and three at-large members. Each council member serves a four-year term. They are limited to two consecutive terms. 

City Council elections are held every two years in odd-numbered years.

Current Council Members

District 1: Don Knight (re-elected in 2017)

District 2: David Geislinger (elected in 2017)

District 3: Richard Skorman, Council President (elected in 2017) 

District 4: Yolanda Avila (elected in 2017)

District 5: Jill Gaebler, President Pro-Tem (re-elected in 2017)

District 6: Andy Pico (re-elected in 2017)

At-large: Merv Bennett (re-elected in 2015)

At-large: Bill Murray (elected in 2015)

At-large: Tom Strand (elected in 2015)