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Forestry crews remove 70 trees, receive 322 calls for service


Mayor Suthers and the Forestry department staffCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo --  Mayor John Suthers visited City Forestry Crews working at Monument Valley Park this morning, offering thanks on behalf of the city and hearing about the state of the city’s trees. He also toured to extensive damage at Evergreen Cemetery.

To date, the Forestry Department has received over 300 calls for service, and with assistance from the Public Works Department, has removed over 100 downed trees.

“Our crews have not yet fully assessed the trees and limbs that have fallen in our Parks system,” said City Forester Jay Hein. “Once the streets and medians are complete, we will clean our parks as quickly as possible. I believe we can easily expect another 40-plus tree removals from our parks.”

Hein also urged patience from the public regarding orphan stumps.

“We will need to pull the stumps out at some point, but right now, our priority must absolutely be on safety, and that means addressing and removing compromised trees first. It will take us quite some time to get to stumps.”

The City urges the public to report downed or compromised city trees by calling or using the free GoCoSprings App. Trees that are blocking roads or other rights of ways may be reported to 719-385-ROAD. Trees in medians or parks areas may be reported to City Forestry at 719-385-5942.

“It is pretty sobering to see the amount of damage that our City Forestry and Public Works crews are dealing with, and I commend them on their tireless efforts to address safety concerns and to clean up our beautiful city,” said Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers. “We recognize this effort will take time, and we thank the men and women of the Parks Department, Public Works Department and Colorado Springs Fire Department who have been instrumental in this effort.”

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