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Prevent Tree Damage from Heavy Snow

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Tue. April 04th, 2017 - 11:05am

They are certainly beautiful, but today's heavy snowfall is wrecking havoc on our trees!

City crews are responding to multiple calls for downed trees in our roadways.  Call 719-385-ROAD to report a tree limb is broken on a public right-of-way.

As a reminder, property owners are responsible for cleanup of debris from trees on private property. Residents can call licensed and insured tree care contractors to assist.  For a list of licensed tree services, please visit the City Clerk’s website at

Removing snow from trees:
• Check to make sure the tree is clear of all utility lines prior to removing snow; do not attempt to remove the snow if utility lines are anywhere near your trees.
• If the tree is clear of utility lines, remove as much snow as possible from branches. 
• Do not attempt to climb tree or use ladder to reach higher limbs.
• Removing the snow while it is still snowing will make the job easier and will prevent the load from becoming too heavy on the branches. Use a broom or other soft object, as shovels and other sharp objects may break branches or peel the bark.
• Though we do not expect cold enough temperatures for the snow to freeze on the limbs during this storm, if this occurs, do not attempt to remove the ice from the branches. 
• Deciduous trees already in bloom, such as crabapples and pears, as well as all evergreens, are particularly susceptible to heavy snow accumulation.