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Civic Superhero Training

Calendar Event Date: 
Thu. February 15th, 2018 -
05:30pm to 06:30pm
Pikes Peak Library District - Old Colorado City Library, 2418 W Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, 80904


You care about what happens in your city.
You're an engaged citizen, but it's time to put your cape on and become something bigger-- a Civic Superhero!
Come learn how to 
-get your favorite potholes filled, 
-receive notifications when City Council is going to discuss an issue you care about, 
-visualize the City's revenue and expenses, 
-and a whole lot more!

Civic Superhero Training puts the cape on your back, the grappling hook on your utility belt, and the tiara on your head-- 
just remember: with great power comes great responsibility!

The event will be held in the Computer lab at the Sand Creek Library. Bring your preferred internet device, or use one of the Library's desktops. See you there!