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What to expect when you SpeakUp!

SpeakUp! Colorado Springs is the City’s effort to facilitate civic discussions that are interesting, timely, and useful to our citizens. This site is not monitored 24/7. For emergency assistance, please call 911.
  • Some features of SpeakUp! Colorado Springs will require the creation of an account in the SpeakUp! system. In order to sign up for SpeakUp! Colorado Springs you must provide your name, email address (for notifications), and other information. The data gathered will be for demographic purposes, to understand the geographic or other distribution of preferences or responses. You will only be contacted for City-related issues, and your email address will not be used for purposes outside the citizen engagement portal.
  • As a City program, SpeakUp! Colorado Springs is subject to the Colorado Open Records Act. Some user information and posts are subject to public disclosure. More information can be found in the City’s privacy policy (link).
  • The SpeakUp! Colorado Springs site is designed to facilitate community discussions. No commitment to implement any of the proposed projects, ideas, or survey results is implied.
  • The City reserves the right to close a forum, discussion, or survey at any time.
  • SpeakUp! Colorado Springs is not meant to replace one-on-one correspondence between citizens and elected officials.  City Council members or the Mayor can be contacted directly at any time via their contact information as listed on the City’s website, or by engaging with City Council staff.
  • SpeakUp! Colorado Springs is a mechanism for sharing ideas and building community. The City’s Citizen Request System and GoCoSprings mobile application are to be used for specific service requests and issue reporting.
  • Once you post an idea, you will receive an automated email stating that the idea has been received.
  • In addition to the automatic email, City staff will change the status of an idea to “Acknowledged”. A user must be logged into the system to view status changes, however if a comment is made on your idea, you will receive an email notification. (See status definitions below)
  • If an idea is posted and there appears to be broad user support for the idea, City staff will decide whether to elevate the idea to City Administration or City Council for further discussion. In the system, this progress can be shown using the “Planned, In Progress, and Completed” and other statuses.

Posting Guidelines

While SpeakUp! Colorado Springs is a discussion venue, it is also a family friendly one, so all comments and wall posts must be appropriate. The City reserves the right to delete posts that do not comply with the City’s Social Media Post Policy

While visiting this site, users participate at their own risk and have full responsibility for their comments, username and any information provided. As part of registering, the user specifically agrees to hold the City of Colorado Springs, its employees and officers harmless from any liability associated with comments or posts.

Comments expressed by users on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions and position of the Colorado Springs City government or its officers and employees. Questions concerning the administration of SpeakUp! Colorado Springs should be addressed to City Communications by calling 719-385-CITY or emailing