Sesquicentennial Volunteer Committees

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We are seeking volunteers to help make the Colorado Springs Sesquicentennial celebration a historic success throughout our community!

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Responsible for creating and implementing activities and adding the sesquicentennial into existing Pioneer’s Museum curriculum and raising awareness among K-12 schools and summer programs in area.

Chair: Meg Poole

Downtown & Events

Communicate with and recruit downtown businesses for activation and sponsorship; Plan community activations downtown; infuse theme into existing downtown activities (PikeRide, First Friday,etc)

Oversee integration of theme into existing events; plan and execute events surrounding celebrations and key dates

Chair: Blank Zink

Arts, Music & Culture

Infuse theme into existing art events; Create opportunities for artists to engage; Work with Schools on art curriculum or contest around Sesquicentennial

Chair: Matt Mayberry


Obtain key artifacts for display during promotional period; Develop and promote reading list; help produce media assets including historic photos, etc.

Chair: Matt Mayberry


Coordinate “official” sponsors to include beer/whiskey, coin, commemorative labels, etc. as well as to host “official” Sesquicentennial events

Chair: Karen Palus, Jamie Fabos, Matt Mayberry


Develop digital comms strategy for lead up and execution, possible App development

Chair: Adriane Matkovich,

Promotions & Media

Develop promotional activity and handle media outreach for lead up and events; work with digital communications team

Chair: Jamie Fabos,

Neighborhoods & Community Groups

Develop ways to engage neighborhoods and community organizations from all sections of the city to activate and take part in the lead up and events.

Chair: Kim Melchor

Tourism & Attractions

Engage attractions in promotional activities and events; Promote to visitors and residents alike

Chair: Sandy Elliot

Corporate Sponsorships

Create and sell sponsorship / underwriting packages to fund event; handle LART application

Chair: Donna Nelson


Plan upscale Gala event at Antlers or ENT Center

Chair: Jamie Fabos and Karen Palus


Involve military bases and incorporate military history into event

Chair: Mattie Gullixon

Native Tribes

Involve native tribes in celebrations and collaboration

Chair: Anna Cordova

Then & Now

Find ways to connect our history with our present and celebrate where we came from and where we're headed as a city.

Chair: Ryan Trujillo