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Flash Flood Safety


With the use of videos, photos, and PSAs, students learn about flash flood safety and the  Ditch Playing in Ditches campaign. In addition, the program promotes safety from chemicals and other dangers in and around our streams, creeks, and drainage channels. All three presentations are given together in approximately 1 hour. If your group, school, or organization is interested in a presentation, please contact Water Resources Engineering for arrangements at (719) 385-5033.

Ditch Playing in Ditches

Welcome to the Flash Flood Education page, sponsored by the City of Colorado Springs.   
Flash floods are one of the most serious natural threats in our area. Even though we live in a semi-arid environment, short-lived, powerful storms can and do happen. Often small streams can become rushing torrents for a brief period of time. Anyone caught in a streambed or ditch during such a flash flood has little chance of survival. That's why it's so important to "ditch playing in ditches!"


Ditch Ditches2 DVD PS NTSC from City of Colorado Springs on Vimeo.

Ditch the Ditches! from City of Colorado Springs on Vimeo.