Construction Services temporary electronic plan submittal and review process

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Instructions for submitting plans directly to the Construction Services Section of the Division of the Fire Marshal.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, effective April 1, 2020, the following plans may be submitted electronically to Fire Construction Services for review:

  • Water/Utility Plans
  • Fire Alarm Plans
  • Fire Sprinkler Plans
  • Fixed Fire System plans
  • Construction plans for State buildings NOT going through Pikes Peak Regional Building Department

Note that all plans previously submitted via hard copy will still be reviewed and we will work with these applicants to the best of our ability.

Our temporary electronic review procedures shall be as follows:

  1.  Send an email to to request access to our file sharing application called ShareFile, if you don’t already have an account with us. 
  2. Once you have received an invitation, you may upload plans and supporting documents.  Be sure to provide a unique naming convention so we are certain to pull all related files for the review.  You also don’t want your documents being confused with another project.
  3. Your plans will be checked into our review log and reviewed as per current policy.
  4. Any further correspondence will be through email and/or phone.
  5. Once the review is completed, we will send an email with the review status, a link to the review comments, and any fees that may be due. 
    1. Disapproved plans will be available immediately on ShareFile for your retrieval.
    2. Disapproval comments will need to be addressed before plans can be approved.
  6. Approved plans will require fees to be paid prior to our releasing them.
    1. Fees may be paid over the phone to our main office number 719-385-5982 Ext. 2.
  7. Once fees are paid, the approved stamped plans will be uploaded back to ShareFile for your retrieval.
  8. Approved stamped plans shall be available to the fire inspection on the construction site during the inspection.
  9. You will have 30 days to retrieve your documents.  After 30 days, the system will automatically delete the files.

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