CSFD Enacts Burn Restrictions

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Effective April 17, 2020, at 1200 hours (MDT) the City of Colorado Springs enacted a Burn Restriction Order

Colorado Springs, Colo.- The Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD), by and through the Division of the Fire Marshal, has determined that they will be enacting Burn Restriction Orders that have been encouraged by Governor Polis through Executive Order D 2020 037. These restrictions will be effective on April 17, 2020, at 1200 hours (MDT).

As stated in Governor Polis’ release, the response to COVID-19 is straining state, local, and federal resources. Large wildfires require an inter-agency response that relies on local, state, and federal cooperation and coordination. Given the current strain on government resources due to COVID-19, any wildfire response would be diminished, which risks enabling a fire to grow and spread, which in turn requires even more resources for firefighting. Given the State’s need to focus on COVID-19 mitigation efforts, it is imperative that the State takes every action to reduces the risk of wildfire.

Please see the attached Order as well as the Burn Restrictions Guide to be clear on what is and what is not allowed during these enacted restrictions. With this information, Colorado Springs citizens will be able to avoid legal ramifications due to burning outside of the scope of the restriction. Violators of this Order shall be subject to the General Penalty provisions of the Code of the City of Colorado Springs 2001, as amended, sections 1.1.201 and 1.1.202, which may include punishments up to a $2,500 fine; imprisonment in jail, not to exceed 189 days; a sentence to probation; or a combination of a fine, imprisonment, or probation. Fires caused in violation of this Order may be investigated as a misdemeanor or felony arson violations, which would subject violators to any penalties provided under Colorado State statutes.

Please follow this link for more information and for the detail of the Order, current fire danger, and Burn Restrictions Guide: coloradosprings.gov/outdoorfire

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