RV Fire: 2241 E. Platte Avenue

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Colorado Springs, CO – On October 10, 2018, at approximately 3:50 p.m., the Colorado Springs Fire Department responded to a report of an explosion and subsequent fire inside of a parked RV at 2241 E. Platte Avenue. Fire companies arrived in approximately 2 minutes to find lazy black smoke emitting from the living area of the mid-sized (25’) motorhome. The first arriving officer made a 360 around the motorhome and found that all occupants; 2 adults, two children and, one dog, were outside of the vehicle.  Firefighters noted that a dry-chemical extinguisher was used before CSFD arrival, knocking down the main body of fire.  Engine 1 and Truck 8 remained on scene to finish mitigating the fire and search the vehicle. 

The RV was used as the family’s primary residence although the owner’s goal was to sell the RV and move into an apartment at this address.  The owner did receive permission by property management to park and live on the premises during the transition time.  One adult patient was transported to an area hospital as a precaution for smoke inhalation. 

CSFD fire investigators responded to the scene, and after a thorough investigation, the investigators determined the fire to be accidental due to a propane leak in its system which was, most likely, started by an electrical arc. The owner stated that this was only the second use of the oven since the RV purchase date in February of 2018.  Fire investigators found just one recall for this make, model, and year of RV but the recall was for a gasoline storage tank and not pertinent to this event.

The CSFD wants to remind all RV users that there are nearly 20,000 RV fires each year in the United States.  Also, these fires are a leading cause of RV loss in the United States today. Please follow this link to The National Park Service, which considers the following critical preventative maintenance steps part of RV ownership responsibilities:  https://www.nps.gov/articles/p52-RV-fire-safety-101.htm