Firewise USA for Colorado Springs

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Wildfire Mitigation Firewise Tracking Form

What is a Firewise USA Community?

A Firewise Community is a nationally recognized program, operated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), to help motivate neighborhoods to conduct wildfire mitigation measures in their community while developing and implementing solutions for wildfire preparedness. These recognized communities in Colorado Springs have made a commitment to adapt to and live with wildfire by encouraging neighbors to work together to take action to reduce their wildfire risk.

The benefits of being a Firewise Community are: reducing wildfire risk to your property and your community, working together with neighbors, building strong collaborative relationships, and for members of USAA, deductions in homeowner’s insurance costs in certain states.  

Staying a Firewise Recognized Community

To stay a Firewise recognized community each year two things must occur:

  1. Each community must have at least one outreach event that discusses wildfire risk.
    1. This can be a meeting, community distribution of wildfire mitigation related material, a neighborhood clean-up event, a neighborhood potluck, etc.
  2. Each community must meet their wildfire risk reduction investment. (This is different for each community, as it is based on the number of dwelling units in each community). 
    1. Each dwelling unit must invest at least one hour of time per unit to achieve the wildfire risk reduction investment. The hourly rate is based upon federal volunteer hourly rate that can change from year to year.   
      1. Example:
        1. The community has 200 dwelling units and the federal volunteer hourly rate is $25.43.
        2. 200 x $25.43 = $5,086. This community would need $5,086 of investments (hours worked and/or money spent) to keep their Firewise recognition for the year.
    2. The wildfire risk reduction investment can be made through the work dedicated towards mitigation on your own property (using the volunteer labor rate) or through expenses made towards reducing risk (i.e. hiring a tree contractor, installing stucco siding, replacing a shake shingle roof, etc.).

What does the CSFD Wildfire Mitigation Section need from homeowners in a Firewise Community?

The CSFD Wildfire Mitigation Section has a Firewise Tracking Form for homeowners to track the following items:

  1. Hours worked
    1. This is any hours that you are working on your property (cleaning gutters, racking leaves, trimming/removing trees, removing mulch, installing rock landscape, etc.).
  2. Money spent
    1. This is any money you have spent to make your property defensible (replacing wood shake roof with a Class A roof, replacing a wood deck or siding with composite material, hiring a contractor to trim/remove trees, buying a chainsaw, etc.)
    2. If a homeowner has spent any money, a receipt must be attached to the form that is turned in. The receipt will be filed for auditing purposes only relating to the Firewise USA Program and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Wildfire Mitigation Section.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department wants to thank you for your dedication and commitment to being a Firewise Community. You should be very proud of this recognition and help the Wildfire Mitigation Section “Share the Responsibility!” in wildfire risk reduction for the City of Colorado Springs. For questions and further details, contact the Wildfire Mitigation Section at 719-385-7493 or by email at