Report an Issue to the Fire Department

Report an Issue

Fire Code Violation

Go to the Fire Code Complaint Referrals page or call the Division of the Fire Marshal at 719-385-5978.

Broken Fire Hydrant

Call Colorado Springs Utilities hydrant repair at 719-448-8000.

Blocked Fire Lane

Call the Fire Marshal at 719-385-5978 or the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7000.

Fire Lanes

Housing and Health Issues

  • unfit living conditions
  • overgrown weeds

Contact Neighborhood Services at 719-444-7891.

Building Code Issues

  • bars on windows

Contact Regional Building Department at 719-327-2880.

Make a request

Medical, Incident or Fire Report

Contact Shawn Schilling at 719-385-7292

Names of Firefighters Who Took Care of My Emergency

Call the fire department at 719-385-5950

Help Finding an Address

Call the main fire department number at 719-385-5950

Get a Copy of a report for an Incident I Was Involved In

For medical, fire, and/or incident reports, contact the Division of the Fire Marshal at 719-385-7292. A fee is applied for each report released.

Schedule a Property Condition or Environmental Site Assessment

Contact the Division of the Fire Marshal at 719-385-5950