Wildfire Mitigation

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FEMA Colorado Wildfire Mitigation, Strategies Tested and Lessons Learned Wind. Fire. Loss

Sharing the Responsibility! 

The objectives of the Colorado Springs Fire Department Wildfire Mitigation Unit are to:

  • Create awareness of wildfire risk in the city's wildland-urban interface (WUI) 
  • Deliver mitigation information that assists homeowners in reducing their risk
  • Work in stewardship with neighborhood organizations to reduce wildfire risk and increase the standalone survivability of structures.

Learn Your Wildfire Risk Level

Create a Defensible Space

Vegetation management and reducing your risk of wildfire go hand in hand. On our vegetation management page, you will find detailed information about how to create a "defensible space" around your home and improve its chances of surviving a wildfire.


Neighborhood Chipping Information

Other Services

  • On-site Consultations (719-385-7342)
  • Neighborhood Meetings
  • Business Education and Outreach

For additional information, please contact the Wildfire Mitigation office at 719-385-7342.

Mitigation Tax Credit

Individuals, estates and trusts may subtract from their federal taxable income certain costs incurred while performing wildfire mitigation measures on their property.