Advertising at Colorado Springs Airport

Are you interested in advertising your business at Colorado Springs Airport?

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Clear Channel Airports is the world's #1 marketer of airport advertising and the premier innovator of contemporary display concepts.

Our commitment is to create the most successful advertising programs to deliver your message to current and prospective customers. We fulfill this mandate by delivering in excess of 1 billion annual passengers. This amounts to over an estimated 2.4 billion annual advertising impressions. We have successfully developed and maintained the most comprehensive network of major airports in North America.

Clear Channel Airports make purchasing airport advertising easy.

Here's how it works:

  • Where to advertise? – Target local consumers as they travel through Colorado Springs Airport, or reach an audience more national in scope by targeting a series of the largest airport hubs across the country.
  • What products and/or areas of the airport? – We will help you think about the optimal product formats and areas of the airport in which to place your advertising.
  • Contact us – Our Sales and Creative teams will help assess your needs to develop a balanced media mix to get the most out of your campaign. Call 1-800-648-8437.
  • Availability & pricing – We are flexible in our approach and will do our best to meet your requirements, however large or small your booking.
  • When to advertise? – We will use our market and product expertise to allocate your marketing resources to yield a successful campaign and maximize your reach.
  • Get creative – Our sales and creative staff are your partners to ensure that your campaign will be executed to best address your initiatives. From experiential exhibits to digital and mobile engagement, we will work together to deliver innovative concepts and creative solutions.

See your campaign at the airport!