Public asked to take part in first urban tree canopy assessment

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – As part of the first urban tree canopy assessment in Colorado Springs, City Forestry is hoping to receive additional feedback from a public survey. The short online survey, which closes on Aug. 20, will help forestry better understand residents’ overall knowledge and concerns about the city’s urban forest and is an important part of the overall assessment. 

The survey is available at:

The full urban tree canopy assessment will enable forestry to better understand what percentage of the city is covered with trees, where the gaps exist and how tree coverage can be planned more cleverly both now and in the future. The study is closely reviewing aerial imagery from the late 1990s and comparing it to imagery from 2016, which will provide important data points regarding overall numbers of the city’s tree canopy over time.

Privately funded, the project is being led by forestry in partnership with Plan-It Geo, which is based in Arvada, Colo., as well as the city’s water resources engineering and information technology departments and Colorado Springs Utilities.