Four ways to connect with your city government

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The City of Colorado Springs has worked in 2019 to offer new and improved ways for members of the community to stay aware of events, take part in discussions, and have their voice heard in local government.

#1 Download the GoCOS! app

The City’s new GoCOS! app is a new smartphone and web application that allows users to report issues like potholes on City streets, damage to parks equipment, or parking meter malfunctions to the appropriate City department. GoCOS! allows community members to ask questions of City departments or City Council. 

New and improved

The new app provides numerous improvements over previous systems, including:

  • Improved accessibility for community members who use assistive technology. 
  • Machine translation making it inclusive to non-English speakers; the app and the City’s responses are provided in the language of the user’s device.
  • Modern experience and “Places” feature, which helps the user locate City Services and places of interest
  • Improved efficiency for City operations

 Ways to report

#2 Sign-up for the Colorado Springs Weekly Newsletter

In 2019 the City debuted “Colorado Springs Weekly,” a newsletter containing updates, news, and events delivered by email to interested community members. 

Newsletter items include

  • News: Important announcements relating to City government and community life
  • Events: Fun City events happening around the city
  • Public meetings: including opportunities for public participation

Sign-up for the newsletter

#3 Listen to the Behind the Springs Podcast

Can a local government podcast be fun? Jennifer Schreuder and Ted Skroback from the City of Colorado Springs Communications Department say “yes!” Join Jen and Ted twice a month for our lighthearted, in-depth discussions with Colorado Springs' elected officials and employees as we learn what keeps Olympic City USA ranked in the country's top three best places to live. If you enjoy life with Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods but want to be more in the know about what's going on in your city, this podcast is for you.

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