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Crystal Reservoir Gift Shop 

Located approximately six miles from the Pikes Peak Gateway entrance in Cascade and features a building with approximately 1,440 square feet.  Crystal Reservoir is open May 1st – 3rd Sunday in October, weather permitting.  Crystal Reservoir hours of operation are aligned with the highway opening and closes 30 minutes prior to downhill gate closing. The services within the Crystal Reservoir Gift Shop are geared towards an introduction to the mountain and includes hiking and fishing equipment, hydration, and a full custom souvenir and apparel assortment featuring Pikes Peak “America’s Mountain” Logo items and Co-branded items like Carhart, Columbia and more.  We offer a variety of grab-and-go food items, house-made fudge and canned non-alcoholic beverages.

Historic Glen Cove Inn 

Located approximately thirteen miles from the Pikes Peak Gateway entrance the building is approximately 7,569 square feet has an outdoor patio area and a water sluice where visitors can pan for gold.  Glen Cove is open year-round, weather permitting,  and is aligned with the highway opening until last car comes down from Summit. Within the Historic Glen Cove Inn you will find the Timberline Café serving a variety of hot and cold food items such as hamburgers, french fries, soups, sandwiches, prepackaged items such as candy bars and chips. Fountain and bottled drinks are available, as well as coffee and hot chocolate. This store offers a variety of product that is Made in USA, made in Colorado with a wide assortment of, apparel, mugs, blankets, jewelry, and Native American Handicrafts.

Summit Visitor Center 

The Summit is located approximately nineteen miles from the Pikes Peak Gateway entrance. The Summit Visitor Center has 34,000 square feet of retail, food and beverage space, and an interactive interpretive exhibit.  The Summit is open year-round, weather permitting, and aligned with the highway opening until announced closing time depending on time of year. This is the central visitor experience area for great panoramic views and the entire summit is ADA accessible.  You can take in the views while resting, refueling and shopping after a long drive, hike or train ride. We have a sit-down café with ample food and beverage options (both hot and cold); as well as Grab N’ Go items and the World-Famous Pikes Peak Donuts. The large gift shop offers a large Hydration area where you can refill your water bottle, you can purchase T-Shirts and caps made from Plastic Bottles and find many other premium sustainable items. The Summit offers everything from a Plush Big Foot to books and gifts on the history of Pikes Peak.

Aramark Pikes Peak

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Contact: Aaron Winter

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