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The Colorado Springs Airport has partnered with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower organization to bring its Sunflower Lanyard program to COS. (Watch this 45-second short video to learn more about the program. )

The program helps people with hidden disabilities discreetly inform others – through the use of a Sunflower printed lanyard – that they have a disability that may not be readily apparent. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower indicates to anyone approaching – especially those in customer service roles – a person wearing one of these items that the person may need more assistance and that their patience is appreciated.

Travelers may ask for a lanyard at the Airport’s Information Booth and determine for themselves when to wear them. Anyone who feels they have a hidden disability can request one. There are no prerequisites for asking for or wearing an item. When someone working at the airport sees someone wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower-branded lanyard, they will then know that this person may need extra assistance/patience.

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