2021 bus passes available for local service providers to distribute

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The City of Colorado Springs makes available One-Ride bus passes to agencies that serve homeless persons and low income persons receiving case management support. Approximately 12,500 passes are being made available for distribution in 2021. Ongoing availability is subject to allocation of funds. Passes are allocated based on need and prior utilization rate. Priority is given to City programs, CDBG/ ESG sub recipients, and homeless shelters. Subject to the allocation of funds, the City will make available bus passes to non-sub recipient agency requests.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Agency must be a City program, a non-profit 501c3, or 509a that provides assistance to low income or individuals experiencing homelessness. Agency must serve residents of Colorado Springs and must provide case management services to clients.
  • Bus passes must be used by clients for the purpose of fulfilling activities in their case management plans (i.e. employment related transportation, job training, child care, counseling, medical appointments, etc.).
  • Bus passes must be distributed at no charge to clients. Passes shall not be resold.


  • Community Development Division staff will run utilization reports biannually. Reports will be provided to the Homelessness Prevention and Response Coordinator. Agencies that do not achieve at least an 80% utilization rate at the one year mark may not be considered for future bus passes. At the six month mark, the Homelessness Prevention and Response Coordinator will reach out to agencies with low utilization rates to offer technical assistance.
  • Agencies must provide an annual report to the City’s Homelessness Prevention and Response Coordinator by July 31st which includes a summary of the total usage and a brief narrative describing how the passes benefited the clients and how bus pass utilization is encouraged by the agency’s bus pass allocation procedures.

How to Apply

Please submit a letter of interest to the City’s Homelessness Prevention and Response Coordinator (recommended length not to exceed two pages) including the following information:

  • Agency name
  • Program name (if applicable)
  • Agency address
  • Primary contact person name, title, email, and phone
  • Number of passes requested
  • Brief program description
  • Number of unduplicated clients (or expected) served in a year
  • Efforts to ensure bus pass utilization

Letters of interest are due July 31st

Please send completed letters of interest via email to andrew.phelps@coloradosprings.gov. Please direct questions to Andrew Phelps at 719-385-5772. Applicants will be notified of award status by August 14th.