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2015 First Quarter Highlights


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Welcome to the City of Colorado Springs 2015 first quarter highlights!

In one week of good weather, the City’s streets division repaired five thousand potholes! The City filled nearly sixteen thousand potholes in the first quarter alone.

The City partnered with community organizations to add 110 acres to the Ute Valley Gateway Open Space.

City Forestry conducted forest health and wildfire mitigation in North Cheyenne Cañon.

The Fire Department applied for and WON a $500,000 grant to increase enrollment in our CARES program, which gets citizens the medical care they need without tying up critical emergency response resources.

The City partnered with the largest balloon company in the US to bring our city an even-larger Labor Day balloon festival!

The City raised funds through private sponsorships to support our young-professional entrepreneurs!

The Office of Emergency Management hosted two flash flood preparedness meetings to support citizens who live near the Waldo Canyon Fire flood-risk areas.

To improve accessibility to City government for all citizens, the City installed Hearing Loop technology in Council Chambers.

Remember- you can report issues like potholes, graffiti, and water waste using the City’s GoCoSprings mobile app. Just visit

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