Creative Industry 2017: Drew Johnson

Drew Johnson is a self-starting dynamo with incredible enthusiasm and passion for this community.

Drew struggled in his younger years by dropping out of school at 15 years old. However, he aspired to move ahead and returned to College at age 25.This became a turning point for him when he started to value education and graduated from UCCS. He holds several leadership positions in the community.

One of Drew’s most notable achievements was to petition Governor Hickenlooper to designate November 18th 2015 as “Colorado Upcycling Day.” This effort brought attention to all the remarkable businesses using recycled materials.

Drew is the Founder & CEO of Techwears. He has used art effectively by upcycling circuit boards to create usable items and wears. His most famous creation is the US patented Circuit Board Tie which you might have seen.

He has been a prominent presence in our community not only selling his wears but also educating the public and our community leaders about recycling and up-cycling. Drew's creativity and artistic talent is helping the growth of successful business that continues to enhance our community by helping create a zero waste planet.

Congratulations Drew Johnson- winner of the Creative Industry Award