Innovation in Sports and Wellness 2017: Terrell Brown

Terrell Brown would not describe himself as a force for change and a community leader; rather, he is a young professional intent on ensuring that local at-risk youth do not fall victim to environments wrought with poverty, drugs and wrong decisions. He has used sports as a medium. Terrell Brown represents the grassroots ethos of Olympic City USA.

As a child growing up in Colorado Springs, Terrell knew that his family did not have the resources for college tuition. Therefore, he dedicated himself to developing basketball skills that would launch him into opportunities for a college athletic scholarship. In conjunction with developing teamwork, toughness and confidence through sport, Terrell also committed to community service by serving as a basketball coach and mentor for younger local at-risk youth.

Upon receiving his college degree, he returned to his hometown, determined to continue to use sport to empower youth in southern Colorado Springs. He started “Hillside Connection” to bring together youth with engaging sport activities and exposing them to opportunities and mentors throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

The majority of Hillside Connection kids (K-5th) come from single parent and/or low-income households. He organizes field trips for the kids and provides all programming free of charge. He has coordinated several volunteer workdays to replace backboards and re-stripe the basketball courts in Memorial Park.

In addition, as an El Pomar Fellow, Terrell facilitates community partnerships and serves a liaison to recommend over $300,000 in grants annually and help to establish health and wellness initiatives in 11 communities throughout the state.

In both his professional and personal life, Terrell seeks to lead through the game of sport and serves as an example of success, determination, and demonstrating to the youth a future of possibility.

Congratulations Terrell Brown –Winner of the Innovation in Sports and Wellness Award.