Rider Alerts/Detours

Below are the current rider alerts and detour information for Mountain Metro. Questions? Call 385-RIDE(7433)

Route 10 Detour (Southgate Rd.)

Updated June 20, 2018

Southgate Rd. has been closed northbound at Montrose from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm daily. 

Two stops will not be serviced.

  • STOP ID 2193 Southgate & Rice
  • STOP ID 0943 Southgate & Lynn

Recommended Stops to Use During Detour

(ROUTE 11 Stops)

  • STOP ID 0981 Corona & William
  • STOP ID 0952 Lynn & Ouray
  • STOP ID 0163 Southgate & Nevada

Questions? Call 385-RIDE (7433)

Route 7 Long-Term Detour

Update 8-30-2018

IN ADDITION TO THE DETOUR BELOW Mountain Metro will add an additional detour for Route 7 due to the Labor Day Lift Off. This detour will begin at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 1 and run through Monday, September 3, 2018.

Four bus stops will not be serviced:


  • Stop ID 0175 Parkside Drive and Union Boulevard
  • Stop ID 1127 Parkside Drive and International Circle

The closest bus stop that will have service is Stop ID 2271 at Parkside Drive and Printers


  • Stop ID 2227 Parkside Drive and Kidskare Point
  • Stop ID 0176 Parkside Drive and Union Boulevard

The closest bus stop that will have service is Stop ID 2270 at Parkside Drive and Printers

Updated 5-21-18

Route 7 Long-Term Detour Five stops will not be serviced: 

  • Stop ID 0640 Pikes Peak & Institute
  • Stop ID 0651 Pikes Peak & Hancock
  • Stop ID 0775 Pikes Peak & Foote
  • Stop ID 0773 Pikes Peak & Meade
  • Stop ID 0653 Pikes Peak & Union

Recommended Stops to use During Detour:

Outbound TEMP STOP: Pikes Peak before Hancock near the pedestrian path.

Inbound Stop ID 0776 Pike Peak & Hancock. 

Detoured as follows:

  • Left turn (southbound) at Union Blvd from Parkside Dr.
  • Right turn (westbound) on Prospect Lake Dr. and continue on Las Animas St.
  • Right turn (northbound) on Hancock Ave from Las Animas St.
  • Left turn (westbound) on Pikes Peak Ave from Hancock Ave to the downtown terminal.

When departing the downtown terminal (8:15pm) towards the Citadel Mall the detour Route will be a reverse of the above.

Questions? Call 385-RIDE (7433)