Rider Alerts/Detours

Below are the current rider alerts and detour information for Mountain Metro. Questions? Call 385-RIDE(7433)

Route 23 Stop Closure

Updated June 20, 2018

One stop will not be serviced.  

  • Stop ID 2297 Tutt & N. Carefree


  • Stop ID 2277 (4025 Tutt in front of Blackjack Pizza across from Carmax)

Route 10 Detour (Southgate rd.)

Updated June 20, 2018

Southgate Rd. has been closed northbound at Montrose from 6:30am to 3 :30pm daily. 

Two stops will not be serviced.

  • STOP ID 2193 Southgate & Rice
  • STOP ID 0943 Southgate & Lynn

Recommended Stops to Use During Detour

(ROUTE 11 Stops)

  • STOP ID 0981 Corona & William
  • STOP ID 0952 Lynn & Ouray
  • STOP ID 0163 Southgate & Nevada

Questions? Call 385-RIDE (7433)

Route 10 Stop Closure

Bus Stop ID 0937 [Myron Stratton Stop] will not be serviced on Sundays.

Route 7 Long-Term Detour

Updated 5-21-18

Route 7 Long-Term Detour Five stops will not be serviced: 

  • Stop ID 0640 Pikes Peak & Institute
  • Stop ID 0651 Pikes Peak & Hancock
  • Stop ID 0775 Pikes Peak & Foote
  • Stop ID 0773 Pikes Peak & Meade
  • Stop ID 0653 Pikes Peak & Union

Recommended Stops to use During Detour:

Outbound TEMP STOP: Pikes Peak before Hancock near the pedestrian path.

Inbound Stop ID 0776 Pike Peak & Hancock. 

Detoured as follows:

  • Left turn (southbound) at Union Blvd from Parkside Dr.
  • Right turn (westbound) on Prospect Lake Dr. and continue on Las Animas St.
  • Right turn (northbound) on Hancock Ave from Las Animas St.
  • Left turn (westbound) on Pikes Peak Ave from Hancock Ave to the downtown terminal.

When departing the downtown terminal (8:15pm) towards the Citadel Mall the detour Route will be a reverse of the above.

Questions? Call 385-RIDE (7433)

2C Road Improvement Bus Impacts

DUE TO 2C Paving

LANES CLOSED: Pikes Peak Ave between Academy Blvd & Chelton Rd


  • Outbound:  STOP ID #0687 Pikes Peak & Chelton
  • Eastbound STOP ID #2027 Pikes Peak & University
  • Inbound:  STOP ID #0728 Pikes Peak & Academy
  • Westbound:  STOP ID #2028 Pikes Peak & Delaware

WHEN: Monday, June 25th to Friday, June 29th 2018