Colorado Springs is a beautiful place, and the Quality of Life team is busy year-round keeping it that way

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More than one million pounds of trash. That’s how much garbage our Quality of Life Team removed as they cleaned up 843 illegal camps last year. That’s enough garbage to fill the back of 1,607 Ford F150 pickup trucks. Not bad for a crew of eight people. 


The eight members of Neighborhood Services’ Quality of Life Team are a small but mighty crew that works hard keeping our public spaces and right of ways clean. That work ranges from shoveling snow from sidewalks, to disposing of illegally dumped couches and mattresses, to removing graffiti, to collecting debris to keep our main corridors neat. 

As a result of the 2019 Colorado Springs Homelessness Initiative, that crew recently grew from five people to eight in order to better address the ongoing challenge of illegal camps in our community. 

The work isn’t easy, dealing with both the hazardous physical conditions of the camp sites and with helping the people who stay there. Unfortunately, illegal campers are often experiencing homelessness, struggling with physical or mental illness, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. They don’t always want to leave these unhealthy living conditions, so working with the police department’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) to attempt to connect these campers to services through the Continuum of Care is an important part of the cleanup process.  

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"I'm very proud of the Quality of Life Team and their timely response in cleaning these camps,” Neighborhood Services Manager, Mitch Hammes, said. “They are always helpful and professional despite the challenging conditions."

More about Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Service department's mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our city neighborhoods by mitigating signs of urban blight. They are responsible for responding to complaints and facilitating remediation of City Code violations that impact the quality of life for residents, business owners, and future residents. 

Here is another example of how Neighborhood Services serves our community.

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Learn more about Neighborhood Services, the Quality of Life Team, and how you can help keep Colorado Springs pristine by visiting their website.

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