Neighborhood Cleanup Program

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The NeighborUp! program is designed to help established neighborhoods maintain their appearance and value. The program is a cooperative effort between the Council of Neighbors and Organizations, City of Colorado Springs NeighborhoodA geographic sub0area within the city that contains but is not limited to residential land uses. The extent of a neighborhood is variable and may be defined by tradition, organizational boundaries, the period of building and development, or subdivision patterns. Neighborhood boundaries may include such features as major streets or other physical elements. Services, volunteers, community businesses, and residents.

Together we eliminate city code violations and offer assistance to individual property owners for improvement of their properties by the award of materials and volunteer help. Typical improvements completed during the enhancement segment of the project include exterior house painting, fence/gate repair, removal of unwanted items, and placement of gravel in front yards and driveways.

Upon completion, CONO will work with neighborhood leaders to help establish a plan for maintaining the neighborhood in the future. 

To nominate your neighborhood for the program, fill out the short "Neighborhood Pride" application on CONO's website.

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