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The Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is excited to announce the progress of its concourse modernization initiative, ElevateCOS. This project, which commenced in September, has surged ahead, navigating through the holiday season.

Phase One of construction is transforming gates 2 and 4, extending down to gate 6 on the east side of the concourse. The phase includes the remodel of the first of two sets of bathrooms and the removal of outdated carpet, fixtures, drywall, and more, creating a blank canvas for the installation of state-of-the-art infrastructure. Additionally, a former Airport mechanical room is being remodeled and repurposed as the Airport's future lounge area, symbolizing a pivotal shift toward providing enhanced traveler amenities.

ElevateCOS is transforming restroom facilities to be state-of-the-art, embodying a commitment to meet the accessibility needs of our diverse community. The new bathrooms will include an adjustable adult changing table, wider stalls, and lower lavatories. The COS team, in collaboration with partners Nunn Construction and HB&A Architecture, is dedicated to crafting an inclusive and forward-thinking airport environment.

Another key focus of this phase is sustainability, and the project has already achieved a key milestone. Over 16,000 pounds of materials, including scrap metal, bathroom fixtures, and carpeting, have been recycled, underscoring the commitment to responsible construction practices and environmental stewardship.

ElevateCOS represents not just a renovation but a journey towards a more modern, accessible, and sustainable airport. The next phase, Phase Two, is slated to begin in March and will focus on gates 8 and 10, along with the remaining set of bathrooms.

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