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TheColorado Springs Airport (COS) is thrilled to introduce "flyTunes," a music initiative set to enhance travelers' experiences with live performances year-round. This program aims to infuse the local music scene into the airport environment, offering passengers an unforgettable travel experience.

Artists of all genres are invited to be a part of this venture by applying to perform at Selected artists will receive an honorarium of $75 per hour and can schedule performances of up to two hours, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent to a diverse audience. By featuring local musicians, COS aims to create a unique sense of place, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for passengers passing through the airport.

"flyTunes is our way of celebrating the musical landscape of Colorado Springs and welcoming travelers with the authentic sounds of our community," said Greg Phillips, Director of Aviation. "We believe that live music adds a special touch to the airport experience, and we are excited to provide a stage for talented local artists."

To learn more about flyTunes, including how to apply, honorarium, and view past performances, and discover upcoming shows, visit the program's dedicated webpage at All music presented at flyTunes is family-friendly, contributing to the inclusive and enjoyable ambiance of the airport.

Artists interested in participating in flyTunes will undergo a review process by airport staff, ensuring that performances align with the program's goals and standards. Previously, COS has provided passengers with live musical performances during the holiday season, and flyTunes seeks to expand on this tradition by offering year-round entertainment.

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