Blizzard recovery efforts continue as crews work to repair roadway damage, downed trees

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Public encouraged to report blizzard damage in their neighborhood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—City crews continue with recovery efforts this week to address downed trees and roadway damage from Wednesday’s blizzard.

The City’s public works operations and maintenance division continues to prioritize roadway repair requests submitted by the public and has deployed eight pothole repair crews to address the highest priority areas first. The City received approximately 200 requests for pothole repairs, plus several requests for median and curb and gutter damage, and downed street signs. Roadway requests are prioritized based on safety concerns, level of damage and type of roadway.

The City’s forestry division continues to receive requests for downed trees and work continues in an effort to remove downed trees in the roadway and public rights of way. To date, approximately 170 requests for downed trees were submitted to various city departments, of which forestry staff are working to identify duplicate requests and prioritize them based on impact, extent of damage and safety concerns. Roughly half of the responses for downed trees last week were for private trees blocking the roadway.

The majority of damage reports for both roadways and downed trees are in areas in north and east Colorado Springs. The public is encouraged to report potholes and other damage to city roadways such as curb and gutter, median damage, etc. using the GoCo Springs mobile application or by calling 719-385-ROAD.

To report downed trees call 719-385-5942 or complete a request online at