Cable Franchise Agreement

Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement

Falcon Broadband Cable Franchise Agreement

Proposed Falcon Broadband Cable Franchise Agreement

Century Link Cable Franchise Agreement

The City of Colorado Springs currently has Franchise Agreements with Comcast, Century Link, and Falcon Broadband. Comcast assumed the obligations of the Franchise Agreement that Adelphia had with the City of Colorado Springs as part of the transition from Adelphia to Comcast in 2006. The Franchise Agreement remained unmodified and in full force and effect.  Falcon Broadband has been providing cable service in the city since Spring of 2007 after the citizens voted in the company's favor in the November 2006 election.  Century Link's Franchise Agreement became effective July 24, 2012.

The responsibility for the Franchise Administration has been assigned to the City of Colorado Springs Information Technology Department. The Cable Administrators are Richard Valentine and Kathy Lake. Although the Franchise Agreement gives the City of Colorado Springs oversight authority on how the cable providers use the Public's easements and right-of-ways, it does not give authority to control rates or cable programming service ("CPS"), aka expanded tiers of service (as of March 1999, the "CPS" tier is unregulated). However, the Franchise Agreement does give the City of Colorado Springs some limited authority over customer service issues. Cable service customers who live within the city limits of Colorado Springs may contact the Cable Franchise Authority if they were unsuccessful in addressing a complaint with the individual cable company. The Franchise Administrator will then contact the cable company on the customer's behalf. Though the City of Colorado Springs' authority over cable companies is very limited, an acceptable solution can usually be found.  

Please note that the Franchise Agreement does not cover CABLE MODEM SERVICE (Internet). - For more information, please go to  



Comcast Website

Customer Service: 1-800-266-2278

Representative: Dave Sered, Director of Government & External Affairs

5020 N. Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80918 719.442.4723(w) 719.243.3249(c)    

Falcon Falcon Broadband Website Customer Service: 719-573-5343 Representative: Ben Kley, General Manager 707 Hathaway Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719.886.7906  


CenturyLink Website

Customer Service: 1-800-475-7526

CenturyLink Headquarters:

308 E. Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Representatives: Penny Larson Vice President and General Manager-Southern, Western and Northern Colorado

719-386-9915 (work) 719-310-7614 (cell)  

Sandy Berckefeldt, Director, Network Service Operations

719-386-9933 (work) 719-369-5839 (cell)  

Jason Shelton, Area Operatons Manager

719-636-4483 (work) 719-377-0730 (cell)   

Cable Franchise Authority

City of Colorado Springs Cable Franchise Administration PO Box 1575, MC 710
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1575 719.385.5927 719.385.5735 (fax)  

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

FCC website For information on how to contact the FCC go to  


Cable Consumer Bill of Rights Campaign
Better Business Bureau of the Pikes Peak Region
Better Business Bureau