Maps & Data


The City has an aerial map program titled 'SpringsView' which allows you to explore our community's geospatial characteristics. This program provides an aerial photo of properties within the City of Colorado Springs with a variety of information available including base zoning, overlays, parks, schools, topography, development plans, etc. Each layer can be turned on or off depending on the type of information needed; you can also zoom in and out to a particular neighborhood with your cursor or identify a specific property by typing the the address or tax schedule number.

Planning Maps

The City of Colorado Springs has a variety of maps available to be viewed and/or downloaded. The maps are in .pdf format and require Adobe 9.0 or higher to view and download. Each map contains its own disclaimer and copyright date.

There is a disclaimer for public usage of the maps; however you are welcome to download and print them as long as they are within the disclaimer parameters.

Land Development Review Search - LDRS

Land Development Review Search; this search program provides information about projects by their associated application file number or tax schedule number that can be entered and the submitted documentation retrieved, viewed and printed.

Land Use Information System - LUIS

Land Use Information Search; this search program provides information about submitted development projects as well as a listing of the various development projects submitted within the last thirty days.

El Paso County Parcel Search

This is the El Paso County Assessor's main webpage and allows for searches by tax schedule number, street address and/or property owner.

Subdivision Viewer

This program allows for an individual to search for subdivision plat information by Subdivision Name along with any other associated documentation i.e. geologic hazard reports, drainage reports, erosion and control plans, etc.

Colorado Springs Utilities

This link is to the main webpage of Colorado Springs Utilities and provides the ability to search for utility information.