Rustic Hills Drainage and Capital Improvements Study

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There are a number of problems with the streets, drainage, stormwater facilities in Rustic Hills subdivisions 1 and 2 that must be improved.  

The current surface treatment on the streets in the subdivisions is not acceptable for a number of reasons. The street surface is rough and difficult to drive on, resulting in safety concerns, an inadequate level of service, and maintenance that is not cost-effective. Gravel from the roadways has filled in the roadside ditches, obstructing the drainage system and impacting residents’ driveways and yards. In addition, access for equestrians and pedestrians is not adequate. 

The City intends to fund needed improvements to streets, drainage, and stormwater facilities in the public rights-of-way after a plan has been developed to address the problems and associated maintenance costs. 

The city needs property owner's help

The City invites subdivision property owners to participate in a neighborhood-based process to help develop the plan. Working together, we will come up with a plan to effectively address these public safety, drainage system and stormwater quality problems and associated maintenance costs.  

Get Involved

The process described below is intended for property owners and residents of Rustic Hills Subdivisions II and II.

  • Neighborhood roundtables: Roundtables took place in late February and early March. A summary of the roundtables is available under the "Public Outreach" tab.
  • Neighborhood workshops & open house: (click on a date to see more details)
    • March 30, 2017 Workshop- Hear results from the roundtables, review possible approaches for fixing the street, drainage, and stormwater problems, and get your questions answered. 
    • June 6, 2017 Workshop- Take a look at alternative plans for taking care of the capital improvement needs in your subdivision and tell us what you think. 
    • August 17, 2017 Open House- Based on property owners’ responses to the alternatives, the project team will develop a draft plane for review.

Neighborhood Outreach

For information about future public outreach events, please go to the "Get Involved" tab.

June 6 Open House


The roundtables are the first step in a six-month conversation which will be held with subdivision property owners. Invitations to all subdivision property owners to participate in a roundtable were conveyed through a postcard mailed to them in early February. The roundtables took place in late February and early March 2017.

The roundtables were valuable in helping City staff and the project consultant team members understand property owners’ perspectives regarding road, drainage and pedestrian/equestrian/bicyclist access and connection issues and their ideas for potential solutions. Responses from roundtable participants will be used by the project team as they consider optional approaches to present at the March 30 neighborhood workshop. 

The report below includes:

  • A summary of how the roundtables work 
  • Topics that were discussed
  • A summary of responses regarding roads, drainage, pedestrian, equestrian and bicycle connections
  • Questions asked by the community
  • Summary of group discussions and comments

View the Report of Property Owner Roundtables

March 30 Workshop

Project Update Newsletters

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For more information about the Rustic Hills study, contact city project manager Tim Biolchini at

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