Uniform Relocation Act (URA) and CSU Development Fee Deferrals

Uniform Relocation Act (URA)


The Uniform Relocation Act (URA), passed by Congress in 1970, is a federal law that establishes minimum standards for federally funded programs and projects that require the acquisition of real property (real estate) or displace persons from their homes, businesses, or farms. The Uniform Act's protections and assistance apply to the acquisition, rehabilitation, or demolition of real property for federal or federally funded projects.


The following guidelines are available to assist applicants with URA compliance:

URA Compliance Procedures

URA Applicant Review Guide

HUD 1042 CPD: Relocation Assistance to Tenants

HUD 1041 CPD: When a Public Agency Acquires Your Property


 HUD Handbook 1378 explains and summarizes the URA and implementing regulations.  The Appendix of the handbook contains the Guide forms referenced in the compliance procedures. 


HUD Handbook 1378

Overview of the Uniform Act (URA)


CSU Development Fee deferral / Waiver Information


Water/Wastewater Fee Deferral

In partnership with Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), projects that meet the criteria of being affordable are eligible for a deferral of water/wastewater development charges.

CSU Affordable Housing Fee Deferral Application

CSU Conservation Measures

CSU Water and Wastewater Development Fee Deferral


Waiver of Development Review Fees 

In partnership with Development Review and City Engineering, projects that meet the criteria of affordable housing are eligible for a waiver of Development Review Fees.

For more information regarding the details of this program, please call the Community Development Division at 385-5912 or email communitydevelopment@springsgov.com.