The City of Colorado Springs Partners with ParkMobile for Contactless Parking Payments

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The City of Colorado Springs Parking Enterprise and ParkMobile have announced a new partnership to provide contactless payments via mobile app at approximately 2,400 metered parking spaces throughout the City of Colorado Springs.

“The City of Colorado Springs is happy to introduce contactless parking payments with the ParkMobile app,” said Parking Enterprise Director, Scott Lee. “We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our residents and visitors. A mobile app for parking payments reduces the need for people to touch the meters and potentially spread germs.”

ParkMobile stickers and signs will be installed in Downtown Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City beginning the last week of May. The app will go live June 1, 2020 when the City’s Parking Enterprise begins parking enforcement again after limiting enforcement of meters for several weeks during the COVID-19 closures.

“As businesses reopen Downtown, metered parking spots are in demand again. For a few years, Downtown Partnership has advocated for innovative, touch-free technology that allows shoppers and diners the convenience of paying and extending parking times remotely. This is a great convenience for Downtown patrons,” said Susan Edmondson, president and CEO of Downtown Partnership.

The ParkMobile App is a free download available for both iPhone and Android devices. To pay for parking with the app, a user enters the zone number posted on stickers and signs around the meter, selects the amount of time needed and touches the “Start Parking” button to begin the session. The user can also extend the time of the parking session on their mobile device, without having to go back to the meter.  Meters will still have the option to pay by card or coin in addition to the app.

Later this year, the ParkMobile app will introduce an innovative new feature for Colorado Springs that will show where available parking spots are in the city based on real-time sensor data. This will help drivers avoid the areas with no available parking and navigate directly to the streets with open spots, saving time and frustration while reducing congestion.

ParkMobile has a large and growing audience in Colorado, with over 650,000 users in the state. The app is currently available in Denver, Boulder, Winter Park, Telluride, Manitou Springs, and Steamboat Springs. Additionally, the app can be used at University of Denver, and the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses. Beyond the state of Colorado, the app can be used to pay for parking in over 400 cities across the United States.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the City of Colorado Springs,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “We have a large and growing base of users in Colorado that can now avoid touching the meter and use the app to pay for parking wherever they go in the state.”


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