Parking Enterprise’s structural assessment report reveals $10M in maintenance & technology needs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -  A Structural Assessment Report commissioned and completed in 2019 has identified $10M in beneficial projects and deferred maintenance needs through the City’s parking system. Parking rates have lagged behind in recent years since the last increase occurred 14 years ago, placing Colorado Springs among the least expensive large cities to park. Revenue generated from the recent increase will help fund a portion of these expenses. 

Deferred Maintenance

Major projects vital to the sustainability of the parking structures and operation have been delayed due to costs. Among these are replacement of stairwells and unreliable elevators, repairing spalling (cracking or chipping) concrete, repairing or replacing expansion joints, sealing joints to prevent water from compromising stability, traffic coating and exterior façade sealing. While the cost requires projects to be spread out over a period of years, the most urgent projects will be addressed first in an effort to extend and protect the life of the parking structures. 

Examples of maintenance needs

These images were taken in January 2020 at the parking garage located at the corner of Nevada Ave. and Colorado Ave.

Upgraded Technology

A citywide meter replacement project aims to replace nearly 2,600 meters. The new meters utilize technological solutions that will benefit the end user. Among these technological features will be the ability to pay or extend meter time from a smart phone, the ability to locate available spots using technology and the ability of the Parking Enterprise to better track usage and manage parking inventory. The data from this new technology will also help with planning to add additional capacity in the right locations. 

Quicker In and Out for Structures

The ingress and egress gate system, PARCS, is outdated and needs replacement at each of the three city garages. Replacing PARCS with a more current technology will significantly lower waits to enter or exit garages, and will reduce significant maintenance costs that the enterprise is now paying. 

Planning for Future Growth

As the city grows, the parking enterprise is charged with keeping up with its needs and planning for the future. Increasing revenue from parking allows the enterprise to amass funding for future projects, including the addition of new structures to accommodate Colorado Springs’ fast-growing population and vibrant downtown. 

About the Parking Enterprise

As an enterprise of the City, the Parking Enterprise is supported by fees paid by users. All revenue earned from parking fees goes back into the Parking Enterprise for its operations, and not into the city’s general fund.

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