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Trails and Biking In Colorado Springs

Biking in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs affords many opportunities for residents to enjoy time outdoors and one pleasant way to do so is to go for a bicycle ride. In 2007, more than 53 miles of on-street bicycle lanes, 118 miles of urban bicycle trails and about 61 miles of un-paved mountain bike trails were available to bicyclists in Colorado Springs. And, in 2007 alone approximately 32,000 bicycles were sold within the City. To serve the community's desire to expand bicycling opportunities, the City has an active bicycle program that is guided by a Council-adopted a Bicycle Plan and funded it by a Bicycle Tax.

The City has a network of trails, lanes and routes which are designed to interconnect for a variety of riding options. Bike trails are non-motorized, paved routes. Bicycle lanes, marked by signs and street markings, provide a bike-specific lane to travel in. Bike routes, marked by signs, are streets with less traffic and lower speed limits that make them conducive to bicycle travel.

Good news for people who ride bicycles
  • The City added approximately 17 miles of bicycle lanes in 2008. 
  • Colorado Springs became a "silver" ranked Bicycle Friendly Community.
  • 35 more bike racks were installed in downtown Colorado Springs in 2008.
  • Construction of a fifth BMX/Skatepark facility is completed at Memorial Park
  • The wayfinding mile marker and map signs currently along the Greenway trail are being expanded to portions of Rock Island Cottonwood trails in 2008.
  • The City was awarded $15,000 Bicycle Friendly community grant in 2008.
  • TOPS funding included in a Stormwater Enterprise Cottonwood Creek project will enable the final Cottonwood Creek Trail link from Vincent to Academy.
  • As part of the Constitution/Circle congestion and safety PPRTA improvement project, TOPS funding is including construction of a trail tunnel, called a "trunnel" which may set precedence for additional tunnels along the Rock Island Trail in the future.
Did you know that...
  • Colorado Springs has more than 118 miles of urban bicycle trails and 61 miles of un-paved mountain bike trails? 
  • The City's Transit Services Division, Mountain Metro has 2-3 bike racks on each of its fixed-route buses.
  • Each June, Mountain Metro Rides sponsors Bike to Work Day.
  • The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) provides funding for the Greenway Trail
  • Downtown Bike lockers are available to the public at the Administration Building parking garage.
  • Colorado Springs is home to one of the few competitive velodromes in the United States.
  • You can challenge yourself at one of the few free ride skills courses in the state at Red Rock Canyon Open Space.
  • El Paso County's Bear Creek Park has a single track race course is open to all riders.
  • There are currently four BMX/Skatepark facilities in Colorado Springs with a fifth one on the way.
  • In 2008, City staff secured $1.45 million in competitive grant funding for bicycle transportation improvements.
Colorado Springs BIKE Directory:

Bike commuter information/Metro Rides - 385-RIDE
Bike lockers - 385-7430
Bike thefts - 444-7000
Bike trail maps - 385-6542
Cars parked in bike lanes - 444-7891
Construction street detour issues - 385-5908
Construction trail detour issues - 385-5940
Damaged curb or gutter - 385-5918
El Paso County issues - or 520-PLAY
Low tree limbs/encroaching vegetation - 385-5942
Policy issues/City Council - 385-5986
Road rage (note car color, year, make, license plate and driver description) - 444-7000
Snow and ice issues - 457-7669
Storm drain issues - 385-5934
Street sweeping - 385-5934
Trail maintenance issues - 385-5944

Local Unaffiliated Resources

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