Popular sculpture repaired after vandalism

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A favorite piece of public art in Colorado Springs is repaired and back on display at the corner of Colorado Ave. and Cascade Ave.. The sculpture "I have been dreaming to be a tree" was vandalized in September and one of the antlers was damaged. The artist,  Byeong Doo Moon, came to Colorado Springs from South Korea to make the repairs. 

Popular sculpture repaired after vandalism

The City of Colorado Springs owns 99 pieces of public art. The sculpture, like all the pieces in the City's collection, was donated. 
I have been dreaming to be a tree was originally part of the 2017 Art on the Street exhibit. That exhibit was sponsored by the Downtown Partnership. In 2018 the Downtown Partnership donated the sculpture to the City. 

Repairs to I have been dreaming to be a tree cost approximately $6,000. They were funded by donations from the community and insurance. Sigma Metals allowed the artist and the City to use their workshop and equipment to make the repairs. Some of the money also came from a maintenance fee paid by the donors of the City's artwork to help cover the cost of caring for the collection. That money wasn’t originally intended to cover the cost of vandalism, but rather to maintain art works donated to the City.


Public art plays an important role in Colorado Springs. They help establish a unique identity and sense of place and make Colorado Springs a desirable place to live. Public art also positively contributes to economic development.

The City is currently analyzing its current art collection. We asked the public where they would like to see the public art program go in the future. That input is being used to develop recommendations that will be presented to City Council. Ultimately, the goal of the Public Art Master Plan is to make public art more sustainable. This includes how we add new art to the collection and how we care for the pieces we have. 

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